Blue Cross Blue Shield™ Insurance Coverage for Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Blue cross blue shield exampleOften health insurance becomes a roadblock in the journey to receiving quality substance abuse care. When we created our drug rehab, we were aware of the struggle many people face when searching for addiction treatment. While under the guided care of New Objectives Rehab Center, you can count on your treatment stay being covered by a variety of the most popular health insurance plans. We offer Blue Cross Blue Shield™ insurance coverage for alcohol & drug rehab in an evidence-based and solution-focused addiction treatment approach. You can begin using your out-of-network health insurance benefits as a Blue Cross Blue Shield™ policyholder today to receive quality substance abuse treatment at New Objectives Rehab Center. We are a Joint Commission accredited rehab facility ensuring that our treatment center offers comprehensive levels of care for the highest chance at long-term recovery. By offering Blue Cross Blue Shield™ insurance coverage for alcohol & drug rehab, we accept most Blue Cross Blue Shield™ health insurance plans and will gladly provide a complimentary health insurance benefits check so that you know exactly what kind of coverage you’ll receive.

Rehab Programs for Blue Cross Blue Shield™ Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield™ is one of the largest providers of private insurance coverage in the United States. These insurance plans offer important behavioral health benefits for those struggling with substance abuse. At New Objectives Treatment Center, we provide Blue Cross Blue Shield™ insurance coverage for alcohol & drug rehab because we know so many Americans count on Blue Cross Blue Shield™ for their insurance benefits and coverage. Once under our guided care, we will work directly with your health insurance provider so that you can focus strictly on yourself and your recovery. Whether you’re interested in addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, you can rest assured that most Blue Cross Blue Shield™ plans are covered under our drug rehabilitation programs.

Our treatment specialists are standing by around the clock to walk you through the insurance and admission process with a detailed assessment that is streamlined for your convenience. Our goal is for you to receive the maximum coverage available to you that can be used for addiction treatment. We know that substance abuse is often life or death, and health insurance should not be a roadblock for you to receive the help you need. We encourage you to visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield™ website for further information on your policy and contact us around the clock at (888) 701-3243 for a free confidential assessment. Our drug alcohol treatment center for Blue Cross Blue Shield™ health insurance awaits your call so that we can begin to create a personalized plan for your recovery.

About New Objectives Rehab Center

As a premier provider of alcohol and drug rehab in West Palm Beach, we focus on the complete well-being and long-term recovery of each client. We proudly adhere to the strict standards of the Joint Commission for providing quality substance abuse treatment. With a solution-focused approach to recovery, New Objectives Rehab Center is built on the principles of catering to the individual needs of our clients. Our treatment programs are carefully developed to help clients recover and learn the necessary skills to prevent relapse. If you or a loved one are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, our substance abuse professionals are here to guide you to sobriety.

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