Addiction Counseling Referral

New Objectives provides alcohol and drug counseling to those struggling with addiction. We regularly work with other addiction counseling referral professionals in order to provide the best resources to clients. Whether is it assisting with a client from another professional or taking treatment referrals from concerned family members, staff at New Objectives knows how important it is for those involved to work together for the good of the client.

We provide partial hospitalization and outpatient drug and alcohol counseling to those in need of services in a supervised and controlled setting. Our therapists design an individualized treatment plan for each client that we serve. After the initial evaluation and assessment, our professionals continue to monitor clients for any changes to their mental or physical health that should be taken into consideration when planning their treatment.

Working with Addiction Counseling Referral Professionals

The New Objectives admission staff is eager to hear your clinical impressions and recommendations for treatment for your patients with substance use and co-occurring disorders. We work with patients, families and insurance plans to get patients the addiction counseling they need while busy professionals focus on the clinical work in front of them.

When you refer a client to us, we will take your patient’s contact information and follow up with the person being referred and concerned others as you request. Intervention services can be provided to families to help get the person to accept treatment. Any additional information referring professionals can provide is always helpful. We are happy to report back to you on the options for care at New Objectives.

New Objectives invites referring professionals to stay actively involved in care while their patient receives addiction counseling with us in a variety of ways:

  • Assessment
  • Planning for AMA Prevention
  • Joint Sessions regarding sensitive issues
  • Continuing Care Planning
  • Planning for Return to Work/School and Home
  • Relapse Prevention Planning

It is the policy of New Objectives to return patients to their referring professionals and programs unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e., change of residence is needed). In such cases, New Objectives supports completion meetings for patients with involved referring professionals whenever indicated.

Please advise us of any follow-up communication you need from New Objectives (i.e., Notification of Admission, Assessment, Treatment Progress and Continuing Care plan, Discharge Summary, etc).

Partnering with Professionals

We are always looking for colleagues with whom to build trusting and collaborative relationships, and we use these relationships to offer the very best care to those in need. Please contact our staff to learn more about our addiction counseling referral programs or to make a referral.