FAQ’s About New Objectives

The New Objectives FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Where Is New Objectives?

New Objectives Clinical and Administrative Offices are in West Palm Beach, FL. Our residences are in peaceful and private residential areas of Palm Beach County. Specific locations are not disclosed to avoid unwelcome traffic and attention and to preserve patient confidentiality. We operate on a “Need to Know” basis for those reasons. Specific information is given when admission is scheduled, as needed, and our staff provide airport pick-up.

How Do I Get To New Objectives?

You’ve Already Taken the First Step by looking here…
New Objectives Admissions Department collaborates with you to set Air Travel, Ground Transportation and Escort Arrangements as needed, case by case, to manage each person’s unique circumstances safely. Some patients may need medical/nursing supervision or a sober travel companion for travel  while undergoing medically supervised withdrawal from alcohol or drugs.

What Do I/ Does New Objectives Tell Family & Friends, Employers, Etc.?

New Objectives Treatment for all drug, alcohol and mental health issues is Confidential, so that is up to the person in treatment. New Objectives can give out no information as to whether someone is or is not a patient without a release signed for EACH specific individual. Once there is a signed Release of Information for a specific individual, they can receive a Notification of Admission and an Concerned Persons Orientation packet (specific to their concerns).

  • Clinical Staff can guide patients and concerned others to address challenges in relationships – what to say, to whom, when and how to say it.
  • Case Management Staff assist patients and concerned others to manage communication with employers, Medical and FMLA leaves, insurance matters, attorneys, probation, etc. They also help with communication to Employee Assistance or Labor Assistance Professionals, Past & Future Care-Providers, etc. – this is done ONLY with appropriate releases.
  • If on legal supervision of any type, legal advice from an attorney should be obtained and proper notifications handled prior to leaving for treatment ANYWHERE.

How Long Is Treatment with New Objectives?

Length of stay at New Objectives is specific to individual Progress Toward Goals as identified in a tailored Treatment Plan. The “Average” Length of Stay for alcohol and drug use disorders and to handle co-occurring problems has been about 30 days. Some people stay longer, some people leave earlier.

How Do People Pay for New Objectives? Does Insurance Cover the Costs?

What if Insurance Won’t Pay for New Objectives?
1. People may Self-Pay for New Objectives services at any point. We are happy to provide a bill detailing New Objectives services delivered and paid for privately, as a courtesy, for Patients or Concerned Others to submit to the patient’s insurance plan at a later point. NOTE: New Objectives staff can NEVER guarantee or promise that claims will be paid as submitted or as estimated. We will assist You to handle needed inquiries appeals when “self-pay” is involved. Accepted Forms of Payment: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Bank Checks Only. Payment is Due Prior to Time of Scheduled Pick-Up and Admission.

2. New Objectives works with and accepts direct payment from MOST Insurance Plans.Direct payment from an Insurance Plan may require the plan’s authorization of services as “Medically Necessary.”

New Objectives always works with you to arrange payment for needed care, as determined by New Objectives clinical staff, even when Insurance denies payment. This may be an area of disagreement between the Insurance Plan and New Objectives:

  • In such cases we usually appeal to the Insurance Plan for You.
  • In some cases, the Patient, or the Policy Holder (if covered under someone else’s insurance), are the only ones who can start the appeal process. New Objectives assists patients and policy holders in that process.
  • New Objectives Scholarship funds are limited and provided ONLY with authorization of the Chief Executive Officer

Can People Keep Their Cell Phone and Laptop?

New Objectives has patients check in ALL electronic devices for safekeeping. Why?

  1. To Maintain Confidentiality for ALL patients (camera, wi-fi & recording features on cell phones)
  2. To Minimize Action on Negative Thinking & Impulses Common to Active Drug and Alcohol Use (theft, disregard for laws, others, common social standards and norms, etc.), such as theft, relapse, etc.
  3. To scale back outside pressure and distraction, to allow people in treatment to focus on themselves and their New Objectives and
  4. To limit others family and others from disrupting participation and progress. Concerned others have been affected by the active disorder – there may be anger or innocent “enabling” of unhealthy behavior with misplaced attempts to “help.” Maybe others in their world have their own issues with drugs and alcohol.Perhaps they are overwhelmed by outside life stressors.

There may be supportive persons “outside” but therapists and patients need to assess things FIRST.

New Objectives Therapists may approve / disapprove laptop access on a case-by-case and use-by-use basis. We consider how laptop use legitimately forwards action toward or distracts from Their New Objectives.

Can People Have Phone Calls and Visitors?

At New Objectives, people are given the opportunity to identify, with their therapist, two (2) Supportive Persons for twice-weekly telephone contact. Calls are placed ONLY to those persons.

  • Any additional phone calls must be approved by the patient’s Therapist. We consider how Phone Calls legitimately forward action toward or distract from the patient’s New Objectives.
  • Visiting sometimes follows scheduled Family Sessions at the Clinical Offices, at the discretion of the Therapist.

Can People Watch Television?

New Objectives residences have flat screen TVs for use during “leisure time” (when not in clinical services, appointments, meetings or recreational therapy – typically later in the evening and on weekends.

What About the Food, Meals and Nutrition?

  • New Objectives assesses nutritional state, and any special eating plans and needs as part of the Medical Assessment. Nutrition consults are done as needed.
  • People at New Objectives go grocery shopping with housemates each week. Individual meals or shared meals with a few or all housemates can be prepared – that’s up to the patients in the house.
  • We encourage most people to prepare and eat a “Mediterranean Meal Plan” using whole foods to help to restore proper nutritional balance and support physical and neurological recovery. There are healthy food shopping guides, sample menus and recipes at each Residence for easy reference.
  • There is a full Kitchen and Casual Dining space at the Clinical Offices. Lunch and snacks are prepped at the Residences and travel to Clinical Offices Monday-Friday.
  • Please bring Special Dietary Needs or Food Allergies to the attention of the New Objectives Admissions Staff.

What Should People Pack to Come to New Objectives?

Keep It Simple, Comfortable, Respectful of One’s Best Self, Others and Consistent with New Objectives.

The way people dress tells others a lot about our judgment, how we see ourselves and how we see the world. Clothing and dress style that is inappropriate to a treatment setting, support group meetings and to group living will be addressed in treatment. Keep in mind that some persons in treatment may have had or be struggling with issues related to sexuality – Keep it neutral.

“When in Doubt – Leave It Out.”

Remember that New Objectives is not a resort – people come to work seriously on their “Insides” not their “Outsides.” There’s no need to “Dress to Impress.” A treatment facility is not the place to look for or to attract a mate – everyone should be focusing on themselves...

  • Pack sufficient clothing and toiletries for ONLY one week. Storage is limited. Each Residence has a full laundry room available and grocery shopping is done weekly.
  • If you are a Tobacco user, bring sufficient cigarettes, etc. WITH YOU for at least one week. You will be offered Tobacco use cessation services as part of your treatment.
  • New ObjectivesPacking Guidelines for Men & Women:
    • Bring Sunscreen and Lip Balm if you have it. Florida sun is strong and many medications cause hypersensitivity to the sun. Consider bringing light-weight clothes that cover arms and legs to avoid excessive sun exposure
    • Pack a light sweater or jacket & bring it with you to Clinical Offices – Florida’s Outdoor Heat and Indoor Air Conditioning call for light layers to keep you comfortable indoors and outdoors.
    • Bring a light-weight Back Pack, Gym Bag or Tote Bag as you travel to/from Clinical Offices, Residences, Fitness Facilities etc. to carry reading material, notes, personal items, gym clothes, snacks, etc.
    • Pack a Robe/Shower Wrap and Slippers/Shower Shoes for shared bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Bring  2 changes of Work-Out Clothing for Yoga, gym & other physical activities.
    • Bring Running Shoes or “Sneakers”
    • Pack 1-2 Bathing Suit (s) – ONLY for Swimming & Beach activities
    • Bring  Shirts, Tops & Tee Shirts with Sleeves
    • Pack Bermuda and Cargo Shorts – they are acceptable at Clinical Offices and Support Group Meetings for men and for women ONLY if they are not form-fitting and are at least “fingertip” length.
    • Bring 1-2 pairs of casual pants and/or “intact” jeans – Slashed or ripped jeans are NOT appropriate and are NOT permitted in Clinical Offices, Support Group Meetings or Residences
    • Notes For Men:
      • “Gym Shorts” and “Bike Shorts” are appropriate ONLY at beach activities and the gym.
      • Sleeveless T Shirts, Tank Tops are are appropriate ONLY at beach activities and the gym
      • Wear and Keep undergarments “Under” outer garments
      • Caps, Hats, Hoods and Sunglasses are ONLY for Outdoor Wear
    • Notes for Women:
      • Leggings and Yoga are fine ONLY when worn with tunic tops at Clinical Offices and Support Group Meetings – shorter tops are not appropriate.
      • “Gym Shorts,” “Short Shorts” and “Bike Shorts” are appropriate ONLY at beach activities and the gym.
      • Skirt length should be at least to the top of the knee
      • Tank Tops & Camisoles permitted ONLY at residences, for beach or fitness activities or in Clinical Offices ONLY when worn under other garments
      • Wear and Keep undergarments “Under” outer garments
      • Caps, Hats, Hoods and Sunglasses are ONLY for Outdoor Wear

LEAVE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS AT HOME – They are NOT appropriate or permitted at Clinical Offices, Support Group Meetings or Residences:

  • Expensive jewelry, watches and clothing – DO NOT bring any items to treatment that you cannot live without. You are 100% responsible for the security of all personal belongings not turned in to Staff for safekeeping.
  • Mesh, “See-Through” and Midriff-baring clothing
  • Clothing & hats with obscene language, graphics referring to alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, etc. or  calling attention to body parts considered “private”
  • Low-cut Tops – Men and Women
  • Mini-skirts

What About Spending Money at New Objectives? How Much Should I Bring?

New Objectives sponsors a recreational therapy activity each weekend at no cost and provides a Gift Card each week for grocery shopping and incidentals.

  • Money and valuables should be checked in with Staff for safekeeping. You are 100% responsible for the security of all personal belongings not turned in to Staff for safekeeping.
  • A Personal New Objectives Cash “ Bank” is kept for you:
    • Please send a money order or check before leaving for treatment for deposit or bring one with you (~$100 would be needed for a typical length of stay). Staff approval is needed for withdrawals and all receipts and remaining cash over $20 must be turned in to staff to account for your incidental spending.
    • People should need no more than $20 cash/week for optional activities and incidentals.
    • Staff approval is needed for withdrawals and all receipts and remaining cash over $20 must be turned in to staff to account for your incidental spending.

What About Medication at New Objectives?

  • Bring Medication Allergies to the attention of the Admissions and Medical Staff
  • Bring all medication and supplements you take with you to New Objectives. Our Medical Director and Psychiatrist will review Your individual medical and psychiatric status and order all needed medications through a local pharmacy at the time of admission.
  • New Objectives stores ALL patient medication under lock and key.
  • Each person takes their own medication, as ordered by New Objectives physicians. Your medication is observed and recorded by Residence Staff at structured morning, lunch, dinner and bed times.
  • Prescription co-pays and medications that might NOT be covered by insurance will need to paid for, so Credit or Debit Card information is needed at the time of admission to cover these costs. If a credit or debit card is not available, a prescription deposit may be needed – unused funds will be returned after discharge.

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