Women’s Drug Rehab Caters to Female Needs

New Objectives respects the specific needs of all our clients, and we design programs to meet those needs. Our women’s drug rehab program focuses on issues specific to women in recovery by providing gender-specific group therapy and counseling.

Women’s Drug Rehab

As clients progress through our program, they begin to discover the underlying issues that contribute to their addictive behavior. For women, some of the issues may include relationship problems, codependency, sexual assault or abuse. Depending on the situation, women may develop a fear of men because of a history of violence. Some women may be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after having experienced trauma related to sexual assault. For these reasons, New Objectives created specific groups in our drug rehab for women in order to support a more comfortable environment for sharing about sensitive histories. These groups ensure safety and dignity in the comfort of one gender. Female clients benefit from these separate groups to explore other issues as well, such as body image, self-worth and promiscuity. As female clients develop trust and confidence with each other, they increase their chances of learning to enjoy sober living with the help of our women’s drug rehab.

Drug Rehab For Women Focuses On Indvidual’s Wellbeing

In addition to addressing a woman’s history, drug rehab for women at New Objectives provides services to create a recovery plan focused on developing a woman’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This may include close monitoring of withdrawal effects influenced by gender-specific hormones, identifying struggles with sexual identity, addressing co-occurring disorders, and improving social interactions. Other therapies provided are yoga, health and sex education, chiropractic services and nutritional education.

Rehab for Pregnant Women Helps Mothers and Unborn Children

New Objectives has a unique women’s drug rehab program that specifically focuses on rehab for pregnant women. We are one of the few rehabilitation facilities that provides substance dependence services to pregnant women. We pride ourselves in valuing each client as a welcomed and respected individual, knowing that alcohol and drug addiction affects a wide range of people. This attitude of compassion is particularly important for our pregnant clients, who often feel judged because of their struggles between addiction and pregnancy. While at New Objectives women’s drug rehab, pregnant clients work with our staff and OB/GYN physicians to ensure the safety of the mother and child during her treatment program. Our program for pregnant clients pays particular attention to nutrition, physical wellbeing and healthy life skills in order for the mother to protect the health of her child. Overcoming addiction is the best gift a mother can give to her child and New Objectives is proud to provide services that can make this possible.

Please call New Objectives today to learn more about our drug rehab for women clients and/or pregnant clients.

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