Men’s Drug Rehab Focuses On Gender-Specific Issues

shutterstock_242965144The chances for successful and sustained recovery from substance abuse increase when clients take advantage of a variety of therapies. New Objectives men’s drug rehab follows this promising model by providing an extra opportunity for male clients to discuss gender-specific issues in a relaxed and supportive group environment. Although men and women both turn to drugs and alcohol for a variety of underlying reasons, gender-specific therapy gives clients the chance to explore the particulars of personality, gender, history and underlying mental conditions that contribute to the disease of substance abuse.

In general, societal expectations for men are that they should be strong and withhold their emotions. Unfortunately, because of these expectations, men may express themselves by exhibiting more aggressive behaviors. These include anger, frustration, irritation and violence. Drug rehab for men at New Objectives provides a safe environment for men to confront these skewed expectations and come face to face with the reality of their behavior when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Men’s drug rehab can help you safely overcome addiction.

Distractions Lessened In Drug Rehabilitation for Men

Drug rehabilitation for men recognizes that many of the issues accompanying drug and alcohol abuse for males involve problems with relationships. A large portion of male clients are codependent on relationships because they find validation in themselves through the other person. Male clients can distract themselves from their own treatment because they are overly-focused on a sexual attraction towards a peer. At New Objectives, the possibilities of distractions due to sexual attraction are lessened because of gender-specific therapies. Gender-specific therapies also lessen the possibility of male clients returning to old, addictive behaviors that lead to unhealthy relationships.

At New Objectives, our men’s drug rehab works to create more appropriate forums for men to share about their histories, especially concerning sensitive and intimate information. Concerns involving infidelity, rape, impotence, abuse or mental health would be uncomfortable topics for men to discuss in a mixed group. Therefore, men-only groups provide a more comfortable environment for male clients to discuss these emotional subjects.

Men’s Drug Rehab Offers Customized Programs for Distinct Needs

In men’s drug rehab, our male clients embark on a holistic journey through recovery, which addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of sober living. In addition to traditional programs that have proven effective in recovery from substance abuse, the added measure of drug rehabilitation for men enhances the ability of male clients to discover themselves and to change negative thinking and behavior. Male clients will learn to cope with anger, resentment and pride in a new way. They will also learn to manage other symptoms that may manifest itself during times of stress, such as depression, boredom, lack of motivation, work adjustment issues, procrastination, avoidance, and success sabotage.

New Objectives maintains a safe and secure men’s drug rehab with highly trained staff of professionals who treat each person with dignity and respect. Drug rehabilitation for men offers an opportunity for positive change and provides tools for a successful life without relying on the use of drugs or alcohol. Please call New Objectives today to learn more about how we can help male clients.

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