Hearts and Doors Open For LGBT Addiction Treatment

shutterstock_120548197Alcoholism and drug addiction are equal-opportunity diseases, as they do not discriminate against age, gender, race, creed or religion. Addiction can create havoc in anyone’s life, at any time in any place. At New Objectives, we welcome people from all walks of life. Our LGBT addiction treatment program ensures that we want everyone who reaches out for help to feel the compassion and warmth that recovery offers. New Objectives has developed a progressive program for the LGBT population, recognizing that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community may have additional needs, especially regarding self-image, social anxiety and acceptance.

Despite the significant milestones made in our society in recent years, members of the LGBT community continue to experience discrimination and misunderstanding. In some cases, LGBT individuals may have turned to alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with the fear, anger, guilt and shame associated with this societal problem. Dependence on alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism can lead rapidly to addiction. Thus, members of the LGBT community experience the downward spiral of addiction along with the stress of discrimination and its effect on self-concepts. By creating a supportive and accepting environment, New Objectives focuses on breaking the relationship between addiction and low self-concepts due to discrimination.

LGBT Addiction Treatment Helps Individuals Explore Underlying Issues

Those who are successfully in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction can share about having to face all the underlying issues that drove them to use. These may include fear, depression, anxiety, pain, trauma or anger. New Objectives understands that these emotions, along with problems with self-identity and self-acceptance, may be even deeper for people in the LGBT community because of their different life experiences. Our professionally trained and experienced staff is prepared to provide addiction treatment for LGBT individuals geared towards those specific concerns.

Like all clients, LGBT individuals will complete a thorough assessment process. Staff, clients and, whenever appropriate, family members will work together to design a therapeutic program to restore health, repair broken relationships, increase self-esteem and provide tools for a successful recovery. Group and individual therapy dealing specifically with LGBT issues help clients heal any deep-rooted wounds in order to move forward in a new life of recovery. They will learn to let go of the past, build a healthy self-concept and move forward into their recovery with confidence. Our LGBT addiction treatment program, from Day 1 to aftercare, offers a supportive approach to recovery that enhances the chances of a life of sobriety and decreases the chance of relapse.

When a member of the LGBT community reaches out for help with a substance abuse problem, the staff of medical professionals, therapists and counselors at New Objectives is ready to accept that individual with compassion and respect. Contact New Objectives today for the compassionate and accepting environment that all LGBT clients deserve.

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