Employee Assistance Programs and Drug Rehabs

EAP drug rehabYou’re addicted to drugs or alcohol and are afraid that your employer will find out. This is a common situation for many addicts and alcoholics across the country. It’s normal to not want to lose your job, maybe you’re the earner of the family or live paycheck to paycheck trying to keep up with the bills. An employee assistance program is designed to provide counseling and assistance for those struggling with substance abuse in the workforce. Our EAP drug rehab offers assistance for employees that are facing a substance abuse problem. An employee assistance program, otherwise shortened to EAP, provides confidential and professional help for employees with personal issues, including addictions. If you’re looking for an EAP drug rehab, continue reading on to find out how to choose the right drug treatment program for you.

EAP Programs and Drug Treatment Centers

Based on our experience, EAP programs and drug treatment centers work closely with your employer to ensure that your position won’t be terminated and that you will be ready to return as a drug-free individual committed to your recovery. While you may be able to remain drug or alcohol-free during work hours, an addiction will affect your productivity and time management. An EAP program at your workplace will provide initial guidance when you’re struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism. The EAP program will help you decide on the best EAP drug rehab for your situation so that you can safely recover.

An EAP program helps employees struggling with addiction by offering employment leave to cover their absence when attending an EAP drug rehab program. If you become involved in an EAP program, you can rest assured knowing that the help you receive is strictly private and kept in confidence. There is no shame or guilt in reaching out for help and your employer has created the employee assistance program with these situations in mind. If drugs or alcohol are controlling your life and you fear for your job security, contact your employee assistance program and our EAP drug rehab can be the solution for you.

New Objectives EAP Drug Rehab

We are a complete alcohol and drug treatment center that focuses on the complete well-being and long-term recovery of each client. As an EAP drug rehab, we proudly adhere to the strict standards of the Joint Commission for providing quality substance abuse treatment. With a solution-focused approach to recovery, New Objectives Rehab Center is built on the principles of catering to the individual needs of our clients. Our drug treatment programs are carefully developed to help clients recover and learn the necessary skills to prevent relapse. If you or a loved one are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, our substance abuse professionals are here to guide you to long-term sobriety.

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