First Steps In Recovery Begin With Life-saving Drug Detox Programs

shutterstock_247905367No matter what stages of alcoholism or drug addiction people have reached, drug detox programs provide necessary attention to the physical, mental and emotional damage caused by substance abuse. The length of time in detox depends on a number of factors, including the substances still present in the client’s system, the length of time the substances have been abused and the frequency of usage. Time in detox prepares clients for the next steps in recovery by making sure that the body has begun to heal, the emotions have begun to calm, and the mind has begun to clear. Only then will clients have the capacity to participate in the program of recovery they will develop with their counselors.

It is NOT recommended for an addict to attempt drug addiction detox without medical supervision, as many medical complications arise during this physically and emotionally stressing phase.

What To Expect In Medically Supervised Drug Addiction Detox

Clients who enter a drug addiction detox program can expect to experience anything from moderate distress to painful, potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Regardless of severity, detox is an essential beginning to recovery. The mildest symptoms include sleeplessness, anxiety, headaches, shakiness and nausea. One of the most serious symptoms is delirium tremens. This condition, which can come about from both alcohol and drug abuse, includes hallucinations, convulsions, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, paranoia and heart palpitations. Clients in later stages of alcoholism and drug abuse may have additional physical problems. These include cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis and hepatitis. In these cases, medical intervention is required.

The medical and professional staff at New Objectives will assist clients who are in need of medical detox by making a qualified referral. Our drug detox programs we work with monitors clients diligently for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to quickly address any of these withdrawal symptoms. They use safe and effective medications to suppress some of these withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. Detox programs have the equipment, medication, experience and staff to ensure the client is as comfortable as possible during this difficult phase of recovery.

Benefits of a Medically Supervised Drug Detox Programs

Oftentimes throughout this drug addiction detox process, the client experiences emotional symptoms of withdrawal. Professionals in drug detox programs are prepared to address the psychological problems that accompany detoxification, as well as the physical ones. Psychological withdrawal can include symptoms such as anxiety, depression, confusion and irritability. In some extreme cases, it may also include mania and severe psychosis. If a patient suffers from co-existing disorders, such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, they would benefit further from the psychological assistance that mental health counselors provide during this detox phase, as symptoms of these disorders may occur alongside physical symptoms. Severe mental health problems require the attention of experienced medical professionals who may have to manage the symptoms with therapy and medication. Drug detox programs provide the time and medical attention necessary for healing to begin.

Sometimes substance abuse leads to a tendency toward violence, both to others and to self. Suicidal patients need 24-hour protection. Because of the range of physical and psychological issues that can arise during drug addiction detox, New Objectives evaluates each client individually and makes qualified referrals to detox programs that best fits their needs. Doctors, nurses and counselors work with clients and their families to develop an individual treatment plan based on the patient’s evaluation. Once patients are stabilized and complete in drug addiction detox, they can move forward into our client-oriented recovery program, which uses proven methods to treat addiction and to provide tools necessary to live a productive life free of alcohol and drugs.

Choosing the right detox program can be a daunting and often overwhelming task. Using a combination of research, strict criteria and personal hands-on experience, New Objectives has compiled a comprehensive list of reputable and successful detox programs. Many detox programs do not meet New Objectives’ rigorous standards that mainly focus on strong client care and safety. Please contact New Objectives today for a trustworthy referral and coordination of further treatment.

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