Reliable Treatment Includes Drug Addiction Family Support

shutterstock_144144298Alcoholics and drug addicts often delude themselves by thinking they are not harming anyone but themselves. This misguided thinking ignores the fact that family members suffer, too, and develop symptoms of their own. New Objectives acknowledges the importance of drug addiction family support in providing a complete and thorough recovery program. The initial assessment process for new clients includes family members so that staff, client and the family can work together to understand the client’s specific needs and to develop an evidence-based plan that will address those needs. Family support for drug addiction also includes group therapy. In the group therapy setting, family members and clients will have the support needed to come face to face with the underlying issues of addiction. The No. 1 symptom of alcoholics, drug addicts and their loved ones is denial. The substance abusers deny they have a problem because they are not ready to accept the truth of their thinking and behavior. They think they can control their drinking or drug abuse, despite the fact that the consequences keep broadening. The families deny the situation by making excuses for the addict, telling lies to neighbors, friends and employers in order to cover up the truth, worry to the point of ill health, and emotionally manipulate the addict in the hopes of controlling the addict’s behavior. The chaos created in relationships requires professional and reliable family support for drug addiction.

Family Support For Drug Addiction May Involve Intervention

Family members may nag, plead, beg or threaten in order to convince the alcoholic or drug addict they love that formal treatment is the only solution. Despite the fact that they repeatedly try these tactics to no avail, they keep hoping that somehow they will be able to control the situation. Instead they can consider a formal intervention as a way to show true family support for drug addiction. In order to put together a formal intervention, families work with the professional doctors, therapists and counselors at New Objectives to learn how to address the facts of the addict’s behavior with adding emotional reactions or opinions. At a specified time, the family, interventionist and addict will meet together. Each family member will have an opportunity to tell the addict specific incidents that have had a negative impact. The decision for treatment still lies with the addict, but the structured guidelines of a formal intervention may have a positive influence.

Drug Addiction Family Support Provides Education

A major part of preparing families for their role in recovery is helping them understand just what addiction is. Drug addiction family support informs the client’s loved ones about the symptoms of alcoholism and addiction, as well as what to expect in the recovery process. When alcohol and drugs are no longer an option, everything changes. Emotions that have been covered up by substances come to the surface. Fear, shame and guilt often create a potentially volatile encounter between family members, but the support and guidance of the physicians, therapists and counselors at New Objectives help calm the waters. Family support for drug addiction includes regularly scheduled family events, including recreation and socialization. The clients and their families will learn how to rebuild damaged relationships and how to practice the tools of recovery in after-care.

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