Addiction Treatment Plan Individualized for Clients

shutterstock_102143875Some of our clients have abused alcohol; others have abused any number of drugs. Some have traveled a long, hazardous road before seeking help; others have come to an awareness of their problem fairly early in the progression of their substance dependence. For these reasons, and many other factors, our staff helps clients draw up an addiction treatment plan to best suit each client’s needs.

Clients come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences. New Objectives caters each treatment plan for drug addiction to address individual situations, such as clients who:

  • Drink alcohol excessively for many years to the point of serious physical and mental problems
  • Are able to maintain social, employment, family or educational obligations but only with the aid of substances
  • Exhibit criminal behaviors to support a drug habit
  • Show erratic and impulsive behaviors, resulting in alienation of loved ones
  • Abuse sleeping pills and develop an unhealthy obsession
  • Have outstanding or previous legal charges as a results of their addiction
  • Has a history of relapses or periods of short sobriety
  • Cannot maintain a long period of employment
  • Use substances to cope with emotions, mental health, life stressors or people
  • Struggles with delay of gratification

New Objectives works with clients who may be experiencing these specific situations and those who are struggling with other circumstances because we use evidence-based approaches to treat each client. If you know of someone who fits any of the above criteria, please contact New Objectives today for comprehensive treatment options.

Treatment Plan For Drug Addiction Includes 12 Steps

New Objectives also teaches the 12-Step program of recovery practiced in Alcoholics Anonymous as a way for clients to become aware of their negative thinking and fearful or volatile emotions. Our counselors and therapists are ready to work with clients to guide them as they change their way of thinking and behaving. In the process, clients also will find ways to fill their spiritual needs. By attending to the whole person with dignity and respect, the treatment plan for drug addiction at New Objectives paves the way for a healthy life in recovery.

Many Factors Considered In Addiction Treatment Plan

In addition to taking each client’s substance of choice into account, the addiction treatment plan will examine other factors, such as gender, age, medical history, mental health conditions and emotional state. As a comprehensive facility, we look at all contributing factors to substance abuse and treat each one accordingly.

New Objectives offers separate therapy groups for clients based on certain criteria, such as gender, age, history or sexual orientation. Our staff recognizes that the need for a safe and secure environment is important in recovery. Gender specific therapies provide opportunities to build trust and to discuss sensitive issues that might be uncomfortable in open groups. Age-specific groups are designed for clients to discuss phase of life issues. Process groups are smaller, more intimate groups that help clients process deeper issues with their therapist and peers.

All therapies at New Objectives are designed to help clients discover the underlying issues that have contributed to their addictions in a safe environment. When clients begin to shed light on their thoughts and feelings, they will need the support and guidance of our trained and experienced professionals. Clients will also support each other as they often times can relate to each other’s situations.

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