Meth Addiction Treatment Program Opens Doors to Recovery

Crystal methamphetamine, a highly addictive synthetic stimulant, can pose rapid health threats to users; therefore, meth addiction treatment involves layers of recovery. New Objectives Treatment Center’s staff of professional, experienced doctors, therapists and counselors can help people addicted to meth on the road to rehabilitation, starting with detox and continuing through various therapies to address underlying psychological issues. Because drug users make meth in homemade labs, users are at additional risk of other substances being mixed into the powder, such as quinine, glucose, lead acetate, caffeine or sodium bicarbonate. The use of meth causes sudden weight loss, hair loss and tooth decay. Meth abusers also may have sores on their body resulting from picking at their skin. Addiction to meth is extremely difficult to overcome without professional help. Users often experience severe withdrawal symptoms, creating a strong desire for more of the drug in order to avoid the sickness and discomfort. With the multi-faceted crystal meth treatment program at New Objectives, clients are monitored closely  after completing detox for post acute withdrawal symptoms.

Crystal Meth Treatment Addresses Health Issues

Crystal meth treatment professionals at New Objectives consider the extreme physical and psychological health problems caused by meth abuse when developing a rehabilitation plan with clients. Use of methamphetamine creates a short-lived rush when injected and an ongoing high that can several hours when snorted or ingested orally. When users want to maintain the feelings of pleasure and high energy, they take more. Abuse of methamphetamine creates toxic effects in the brain, and chronic users can experience hallucinations, seizures, paranoia, insomnia, and heart problems. Pregnant women who use crystal meth put themselves and their babies at tremendous risk of delivery complications and birth defects. Meth addiction treatment at New Objectives starts after a successful completion of detox so that clients can regain some stability physically, mentally and emotionally before embarking on the next stages of recovery.

Holistic Approach Successful In Meth Addiction Treatment

The first step in meth addiction treatment is admitting the problem, and the next step is asking for help. New Objectives works with each individual client who seeks help to devise a rehabilitation plan. With solid roots in the 12-Step program of recovery developed by Alcoholics Anonymous as a foundation, clients build upon the basics to discover the underlying issues that contribute to addiction. Treatment for co-occurring disorders, such as chronic depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, may be part of the recovery process. Therapists and counselors at New Objectives work with clients individually, in groups and with families. Once treatment has begun to move forward, additional therapies intended to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery. New Objectives believes in treating the whole person. Elective therapies can help clients learn to manage problems with anger and aggression, chronic pain, unresolved grief and sexual issues, for example. Elective therapies include a variety of recreational activities, such as sports or hiking and backpacking. Others options include yoga, art therapy, music therapy, chiropractic treatment, and nutritional education. As clients regain balance and health in all areas of their lives, they are more likely to avoid relapse and to live successfully without the use of crystal meth.

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