Close Attention Required During Heroin Addiction Treatment

shutterstock_184898465Because of the particularly dangerous effects of using any kind of intravenous drugs, heroin addiction treatment requires special attention. Heroin is one of the most commonly used and abused IV drugs; therefore, New Objectives is prepared to deal with the unpredictable and often devastating effects of heroin addiction. Heroin is popular because it brings about a sudden feeling of euphoria, usually accompanied by increased energy and a sense of relaxation. Heroin infiltrates the bloodstream and brain almost immediately, bringing about a rush that becomes rapidly addictive. Among the dangers of heroin use are heart problems, liver and kidney damage, and brain damage. The risk of overdosing also is high. Users of intravenous drugs also have increased chance of infection and exposure to serious diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV.  A professional medical team must supervise treatment for heroin addiction not only because of the seriousness of heroin abuse, but also because withdrawal symptoms also can be extreme.

Detox supervised closely in treatment for heroin addiction

The detox process for heroin abusers poses its own particular risks and challenges; therefore treatment for heroin addiction requires close monitoring and intense supervision. The time spent in detox varies for each individual depending on the extent of physical, mental and emotional damage heroin use has caused. Withdrawal symptoms can begin within six to 12 hours after the last dose and can last several days, or even weeks. Most heroin users in withdrawal will experience a profound desire for more of the drug, along with depression, anxiety and irritability. Physical symptoms include joint pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, fever and insomnia. All of these symptoms can have serious consequences on the functioning of the body’s organs. In detox, the doctors, therapists and counselors are available for 24-hour monitoring, making sure that clients detoxing from heroin are safe and secure. New Objectives makes qualified referrals to detox facilities who have expert medical and psychiatric care.

Heroin addiction treatment involves holistic approach

Clients who come to New Objectives for heroin addiction treatment will work with our professional staff in a thorough assessment process to determine individual needs. Once clients have completed detox, they will proceed through evidence-based treatment. This means a holistic approach of treating mind, body and spirit with different therapies that work together for the highest possibility of long-term success. The foundation in treatment for heroin addiction is the 12-Step program as set forth in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The 12 Steps lay the groundwork for recovery, both in individual therapy sessions and in group processes.  Group sessions, which sometimes include family members, offer mutual support in recovery and help clients in their communication and social skills. Some groups are gender-specific, giving participants a chance to discuss issues such as sexuality and self-image in a trusting environment. Other therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavioral therapy, which provide the tools for discovering the underlying issues of heroin addiction. As clients reach goals they have established in their individual recovery plans, they move on to recreational and elective therapies, such as art therapy, yoga, fitness training, nature hikes, backpacking, music therapy and nutrition education. All of the treatment programs put the needs of the client first, with the intention of providing tools for healthy sober living without relapse.

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