Cocaine Addiction Treatment at New Objectives Provides Support

shutterstock_112517975The use of cocaine, often considered a “party drug” because of its common use in social situations, can progress quickly into a serious drug addiction. The cocaine addiction treatment program at New Objectives is prepared to provide help for what can become a life-threatening situation. Cocaine is a stimulant, meaning it is a type of drug that rapidly elevates one’s mood and creates a feeling of high energy. Addiction to stimulants can be extremely difficult to overcome. Cocaine can be smoked, sniffed or injected.  In addition to the very real prospect of addiction, cocaine users also risk serious consequences from the use of dirty needles and the possibility of other substances that may be laced into cocaine.  Because cocaine creates an immediate high, the rush can end with a rapid crash, leaving the user feeling extremely low, anxious and irritable. The New Objectives cocaine addiction treatment program first addresses the physical consequences of cocaine addiction while the patient is in detox, then works with each individual to devise a therapeutic program of recovery.

New Objectives Uses Holistic Approach In Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

As with all programs at New Objectives, our professional staff works closely with clients to meet their specific needs. We offer a variety of therapies to treat the body, mind and spirit during treatment for cocaine addiction. Because cocaine has the potential for devastating side effects, the first priority is detox so doctors and therapists can monitor withdrawal symptoms and keep the patient safe. New Objectives will make a qualified referral to a detox facility that has expert medical and psychiatric care. Cocaine use can cause users to experience an elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and malnourishment. These physical conditions can lead to heart attacks, strokes or seizures. The psychological effects include severe paranoia. These conditions not only post a health hazard, but also create a strong desire for relief in the form of another cocaine fix. Our qualified detox referrals pay close observation during detox to assist the client through these symptoms in preparation for eventual therapies. New Objectives uses a C.O.R.E. (Client-Oriented Recovery Education) approach in cocaine addiction treatment, including the 12-Step process for recovery as detailed by Alcoholics Anonymous, individual and group therapy, counseling, and choices in recreational and elective therapies. These therapies help clients to discover the underlying issues contributing to cocaine abuse, and they treat physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions.

Families Included In Cocaine Addiction Treatment At New Objectives

Cocaine addiction affects not just the user, but also family, loved ones, employers and friends. Those closely related to the problem no doubt have noticed symptoms of cocaine use, including the addict’s tendency to isolate from family and friends, legal and financial troubles, tendency toward anger and possibly violence, and physical decline. They probably also have tried many ways to fix it and control it, all to no avail. Cocaine addiction treatment at New Objectives realizes the family’s needs, as well the addict’s. The staff involves the family in forming the treatment plan and includes the family in therapy and counseling. The family program offers tools for recovery and suggestions for ways to support the addict without enabling addictive behavior.

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