Alcohol Addiction Treatment Includes Family and Loved Ones

shutterstock_251147590Alcoholism affects the drinker’s physical, mental and emotional health, but it is far from an isolated issue. Alcoholism affects the drinker’s family, friends, employment, marriages, and social contacts, which is why successful alcohol addiction treatment must include the family members closest to an alcoholic. Family members often develop dysfunctional behavior of their own in an attempt to control the situation. Because denial is the No. 1 symptom of alcoholism, family members often participate in that process. They tell lies to cover up the drinker’s problem; they make excuses to friends and employers; they go to extreme measures in an effort to change the alcoholic’s behavior. As the alcoholic continues to damage his body, indulge in negative and self-pitying thoughts and increase irresponsible behavior, so the family continues in desperation. Alcohol addiction treatment at New Objectives provides therapy choices for the alcoholic and for the family. They work together with our professional staff to devise an individual plan that will best suit the client’s needs.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Addresses Underlying Issues

Alcoholism involves much more than drinking to excess. Underlying issues, such as fear, anxiety, and anger, are at the root of the problem, thus our alcohol abuse treatment program offers a variety of therapies. When clients begin our program, they will complete a thorough diagnostic application with our staff. At that time, we will begin to form an idea of what the underlying issues may be so that we can develop a treatment plan best suited for each individual. Family members also contribute to the plan by giving their perspective of underlying issues how they have affected the family dynamics. New Objectives has developed a C.O.R.E. (Client-Oriented Recovery Education approach to alcoholism treatment. Once the initial evaluation to gather evidence needed to create the best treatment plan possible, clients will begin with a period of detox. Treatment at New Objectives begins after a successful completion of detox; New Objectives works with detox facilities that will address the medical necessities of alcohol abuse. The length of time in detox depends on the seriousness of alcohol abuse and withdrawal symptoms. After detox, recovery continues with a foundational study of the 12 Steps developed by Alcoholic Anonymous, which have a proven record of success. Other individual and group therapies will work together in holistic treatment for the disease of alcoholism.

Multiple therapies work together in alcohol addiction treatment

Because alcoholism is a disease of the body, mind and spirit, New Objectives offers a variety of therapies to treat each client in holistic alcohol addiction treatment. These include group therapies, in which clients will share their experiences and feelings. The groups help to develop interpersonal communication skills and to build trust. When clients work together with others who have the same addiction, they feel less isolated and feel freer to open up. Gender-specific groups also provide an opportunity for men and women to share about topics they do not feel comfortable in sharing with an open group. These topics may include sexuality, abuse and self-image. Behavioral therapies in one-on-one sessions with trained therapists help clients to work on deeper issues. Recreational and elective therapies, such as ropes courses, backpacking, yoga, art therapy and music therapy provide an opportunity for growth while having fun at the same time. Through the use of multiple therapies in alcoholism treatment, clients have a higher chance of learning to live a joyous sober life with less chance of relapse.

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