Narcan resistant synthetic opioids found in Kentucky

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New and dangerous synthetic opioids have been found in Kentucky and these research chemicals could be Narcan™ resistant. One identified substance is called acrylfentanyl and it is an analogue of the popular opioid drug fentanyl. Acrylfentanyl is so new to the United States that the Drug Enforcement Agency has not yet placed this deadly narcotic on the Controlled Substances list. DEA Special Agent Patrick Trainor has been quoted as saying that acrylfentanyl “has shown some possibility of being resistant” to naloxone. Narcan™ is also known as naloxone; an opioid overdose reversal agent that works as a life-saving antidote. Narcan™ is an opioid antagonist used for the complete or partial reversal of opioid overdose, including respiratory depression. Communities across Kentucky are urged to stay on high alerts as these Narcan™ resistant synthetic opioids are flooding the streets.

Acrylfentanyl in the United States

Acryfentanyl has been popping up in the United States, especially Kentucky, as the latest devastating opioid killer after carfentanil hit the streets earlier in the year. The Kentucky State Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed three cases of deaths resulting from acrylfentanyl exposure. As more potentially Narcan™ resistant synthetic opioids enter the United States, law enforcement is tasked with a difficult situation.

The newest synthetic opioids and research chemicals are usually manufactured overseas in China and shipped in bulk to the United States. Drug dealers are eagerly pushing the strongest synthetic opioids because that is what has the most demand. Kentucky heroin is often cut with potent synthetic opioids to create a stronger rush. Law enforcement officers are in danger of exposure to deadly substances such as acrylfentanyl which is said to be twice as strong as fentanyl. Doses in the micrograms can cause an overdose and officials are unsure if Narcan™ will be able to reverse the effects of the newest and strongest synthetic opioids. Raising awareness about the dangers of opioid addiction and providing accessible treatment solutions are at the forefront in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

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