Getting a Sponsor

What is a sponsor’s role in your path to recovery?


Whether in treatment or in the rooms, you are always encouraged to get a sponsor. Most of the time you wonder why it’s such a big part of recovery process. A sponsor can play crucial role in assisting you in your recovery. You realized that you could not do it alone, so you went to treatment and you attend meetings; a sponsor is a boost to the work that you’ve already put in.

To have someone in your corner that has already experienced what you are going through can make a bond of trust. Your sponsor has already gone through what you are going through and they understand your situation. They also can help you by being that support system and the voice of reason in the times that you feel emotionally weak or have a craving to use.

Although your sponsor will not have all of the answers, that does not mean that they are not valuable to your recovery. A sponsor can offer you more than one idea or view about the program and can help you to keep an open mind.

An open mind is a wonderful tool. It exists as a sponge to gather more information and to take in more of an experience without thinking that you already know everything. Bill Nye states, “Everyone you ever meet, knows something that you don’t.” So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to learn new things.

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