Fun Sober Activities For Long Holiday Weekends

fun sober activities

Throughout the year, there are many long Holiday weekends, whether it falls on Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Christmas festivities. During these days many people get some rest and lounge, spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. For addicts and alcoholics, long Holiday weekends can be a time of temptations and cravings. With time off from work and plenty of opportunities to be inside your head, it could be a recipe for disaster. We’ve put together a list of fun sober activities for those in early recovery that are vulnerable during long holiday weekends. Avoid relapse by keeping yourself busy and occupied with engaging activities!

What To Do During the Holidays?

  • Become a Photographer – document the holidays in photos. These days with our smartphones, we are able to create professional quality photographs right from our phones. Take a look at the natural beauty around you and snap some photos. Maybe put it on Instagram or show the collection to your family during the holiday gatherings. This can be very rewarding!
  • Hold a Movie Night – whether it’s at home or at the movies, a sober movie night will cheer up your mood, just make sure to pick a good comedy! If you’re a fan of films and cinema, then enjoying a classic is sure to help pass time in a positive way.
  • Exercise – who said you can’t exercise on the holidays? While many fitness centers can be closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t a workout at home to release those natural feel-good endorphins. Going for a brisk walk or a healthy job will get your blood pumping and you’ll be feeling alive in no time!
  • Volunteer – the best way to feel better is to HELP others, especially those that are needy or less fortunate. During the holidays, many places accept donations and soup kitchens are looking for a helping hand. Animal shelters are always accepting of assistance if you’re an animal lover. Pets give the best comfort when you’re alone and needing a friend.
  • Connect w/ Recovering Addicts – twelve step meetings are never canceled during the holidays; sober support is always available for those that want it.
  • Read a Good Book – you can never go wrong with reading your favorite literature. It’s a great way to pass time and gain knowledge as you immerse yourself in the text. Whether it’s a fantasy novel or a piece of non-fiction, reading a good book will take you to a place far away from thoughts of using drugs or alcohol.

These are just a few fun sober activities to engage in during a long holiday weekend. Use your imagination and engage yourself in something you enjoy without having to resort to drugs or alcohol. You can have a great time and enjoy the holidays without being under the influence.

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