Benefits of Meditation


Meditation has some wonderful benefits on a physical and mental level that many won’t understand until they experience it. With meditation you are allowing positive energy to enter the cells in your body to gain peace, enthusiasm and joy.

On a mental level, meditation reduces anxiety, increases emotional stability, creates more creativity and gives clarity. In recovery who cannot benefit from these factors? On a physical level, meditation lowers your blood pressure and decreases tension pain.

Did you know meditation can also improve your immune system? A study completed at the University of Wisconsin indicates, “A meditation habit can strengthen the body’s immune function, plus increase brain performance in the form of electrical activity.”

Starting to meditate can seem pretty easy at first but try with these easy steps:

  • Just sit for two minutes a day in the first week. Increase by two minutes each week
  • Try to set a reminder to meditate every morning.
  • Don’t worry about where you sit or where you meditate, just make sure it’s quiet and comfortable
  • Talk to your body, (not literally!) take a personal inventory of how you feel, are you tired or anxious? It’s okay.
  • Keep a count of your breathing. Place your attention on your breath as you breathe. You can count 1 as you inhale, 2 as you breath and continue all the way to 10 and start again.
  • Your mind will wander, but make sure to maintain your breathing counts. This will help you focus.
  • Try to notice the lights, sounds and energy around you
  • Make a commitment to yourself to meditation

Not only can you bring yourself more happiness by meditating, you can also improve your health. Start creating a habit of meditating daily.


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