Gender Specific Group Therapy

New Objectives offers gender specific group therapy to bring women together with women and men with men to work through issues related to addiction and recovery. The gender specific method has been proven to be very effective in helping individuals open up with and connect with each other.

As humans, we often bond with other people that are similar in some way to us. We may feel more comfortable spending time with people of the same sex, or confiding in someone in our age group. Age, social status, gender, geography, and interests usually bring people together because people who are alike in some way can relate well to each other. The same is true about an addiction therapy program, which is why New Objectives offers gender specific group therapy.

Helping Clients become Comfortable in Group Therapy

Research and clinical experience have shown that women generally open up easier with other women, and men with men. While this is not true in every case, individuals usually feel more comfortable with people of the same sex. In a therapy setting, it is especially easier for women to discuss things in front of women, and the same is true for men.

New Objectives offers gender specific group therapy because it is a more effective way to get clients to connect with each other and talk through feelings and emotions. A woman who is going through a struggle in her relationship to her spouse or to her children will often find that other women in her group have the same experiences. Men, likewise, learn in their group therapy that they are not alone in their feelings or experiences.

Therapists Work through Gender Specific Topics

Gender specific group therapy works like any process group therapy. A professional therapist will monitor the group, lead discussions, and facilitate the therapy to be very welcoming, very comfortable, and very beneficial. In a gender specific group, topics are covered like sexuality, relationships, and communication. These discussions can be open and revealing, because they occur among clients of the same sex.

New Objectives uses a variety of treatment methods for addiction rehab, and many combinations of therapy can be used, depending on the client’s needs. The different approaches allow our professionals to work through the various issues clients are suffering with, for complete healing.

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