About New Objectives

Who We Are

Are you interested in learning about New Objectives and how we’ve become one of the top drug and alcohol rehab centers? New Objectives was started by a group of experts in substance abuse and behavioral health treatment and in public safety First Response. The Leadership Team (combined) has over 200 years of experience working in, developing and managing a wide variety of behavioral health programs at various levels of care. The Clinical Team is made up of Clinical Experts fully licensed by the state of Florida.

The New Objectives Team consist of members of multiple clinical disciplines: medicine, nursing, social work, counseling, recovery coaching, etc. Many hundreds of years of experience in behavioral health treatment and in long-term personal recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders inform treatment. While we reserve personal self-disclosure to specific situations for the benefit of others only, You can be assured that both recovering professionals and those who have not been individually affected collaborate to bring the best in evidence-based, quality treatment.

What We Do

The Right Thing at the Right Time in the Right Way to Move People and Concerned Others Toward Recovery and a Life They Love

From a context of integrity and caring commitment, New Objectives provides high-quality, evidence-based substance use and co-occurring disorder treatment for individuals, families and concerned others. We put our patients and their recovery first. We find when people put their recovery first, they meet their New Objectives and their Goals eventually fall into place.

Our Values

  • Safety/Security
  • Respect
  • Positive Change
  • Partnership
  • Accountability

Our Commitment

To help people to:

  • Establish a Long Term Personal Recovery Plan that extends past Their New Objectives experience
  • Build a Balanced Lifestyle that will support On-Going Recovery and Their Optimal Physical and Behavioral Health as They move toward Their life goals.
  • Minimize the Risks of Relapse and Symptom Cross–Over to other behavioral health problems
  • Access any Services They Need to reach Their New Objectives (not provided on-site)
  • Access Continuing Care services and a Pro-Recovery Living Environment after a New Objectives stay

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Thank You for Learning About New Objectives