Recognizing the Problem

When it comes to addiction, many people don’t know how to find the help that is right for them. Let New Objectives help you through the treatment planning process so that you can begin your recovery.

Treatment Program

We help clients through a combination of therapies and programs, including process group therapy, DBT, CBT, gender specific group therapy, recreational therapy, nutrition therapy, and art therapy.

Family Involvement

Family is a big part of treatment at New Objectives. We know that an addiction has lasting effects on families. We help loved ones with intervention services and other resources families need to get the addict to accept help.

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You are never alone. We are here to help.

New Objectives Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Offers Fresh Start

Accredited by The Joint Commission for standards of the highest quality in drug and alcohol treatment, New Objectives Rehab Center provides individualized recovery plans for addiction therapy, catering to the needs of each of its clients. Each person entering into our drug rehab center meets with well-qualified counselors to create an evidence-based recovery plan. The New Objectives Treatment Center, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, offers private residential living quarters where clients can focus their attention on reaching their goal of a balanced lifestyle. The length of stay varies because of individually tailored treatment plans, but the average stay for alcohol and drug abuse disorders, as well as any underlying issues, is 30 days. Staff physicians and counselors monitor the progress of each client carefully as they work through the proven steps to successful recovery.

Group Therapies at New Objectives Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Offer Support

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at New Objectives Treatment Center includes group therapy because of its proven effectiveness in rehab. These include process group therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Process group therapy is the most familiar for clients who seek help at a drug and alcohol rehab center. Under the direction of a therapist, the group discusses experiences with drug and alcohol use, as well as thoughts and feelings during the rehab process. Because of the common thread of substance abuse, clients can relate to one another in process group therapy. In this setting, drug rehab center clients learn to build trust and develop communication skills. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients make clear connections between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Once clients begin to see their self-destructive patterns, they learn to redirect their thinking and to respond in a constructive way. New Objectives drug treatment center uses fully trained and licensed therapists for this process.

Individual Needs Addressed by our Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center’s Therapies

Group therapies at our Florida-based alcohol and drug treatment center are designed to address the individual needs of clients. The drug and alcohol rehab center gathers information from each person who seeks treatment to devise an evidence-based recovery plan. For example, gender-specific therapy groups place women with women and men with men in order to help generate an atmosphere where clients will feel free to open up. These groups address gender-specific topics, usually involving sexuality and relationships. When issues such as rape, violence, multiple spouses, and fear of the opposite sex arise, gender-specific groups provide a safety net. Recreational therapy is another way our drug and alcohol rehab center helps clients to recover. This provides clients with the opportunity to have fun and be active while participating in a sober group atmosphere. They may play a sport or go for a walk in nature. In the relaxed setting of New Objectives Treatment Center, clients can appreciate the sights, sounds and colors of the natural world. In recreational therapy, clients learn the benefits of a constructive activity that does not rely on the use of drugs or alcohol. Additionally, clients can choose from alternative addiction therapy options as part of their treatment agreement. As with other therapies, these adjunct addiction therapies lead clients towards discovering underlying issues that have contributed to their substance abuse.


The elective therapies at New Objectives include the following:

  • Expressive therapies
  • Yoga therapy
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Nutrition therapy

Each of the alternative therapies, offered in addition to basic process group therapy, is designed to help clients achieve sobriety and develop skills to prevent relapse.